Thursday, March 8, 2012

Aaron Wight & his two wives, Medway, MA - 1813

Evergreen Cemetery, Medway, Massachusetts

In Memory of
who died Feb. 8th 1813
in his 71st Year
In memory of two wives
of Doctr. Aaron Wight
1st wife Mrs. MARY WIGHT,
died June 14th 1771 in
her 23d Year
2nd wife Mrs. MARY WIGHT
died Aug. 26th 1775 in
her 23d Year.

Imagine that - two wives, both named Mary and both die in their 23rd year. Talk about some confusing genealogical research!

Doctor Aaron Wight actually had three wives. His third wife was named Jemima and she outlived him to die at age 66 in 1833.

The style of the stone, with the willow and urn, shows us that it is contemporary to the time period when Aaron Wight died even though is first two wives died in the 1770s.

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  1. Reminds me of my 2nd great grandfather, Morrison Brown, born in Madison Co, New York in 1835. His family relocated to Sangamon County, Illinois where he married, in succession, two women named Julia Ann, Webber and Barger. Julia Ann Webber, his first wife from whom I descend just disappears - no death record, no burial record, no divorce record. I've been trying to find her for years.