Saturday, October 22, 2011

Grizzly Adams, Charlton, MA

This is the gravestone of Grizzly Adams.  He absolutely was a real person.  Born James Adams in Medway, Massachusetts in 1812, he went on to become a famous outsdoorsman and showman with P.T. Barnum.  He died in 1860. In the 1970s a television show was based on his life.

Grizzly Adams is buried in Bay Path Cemetery in Charlton, Massachusetts.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hannah Partridge, Medway, MA - 1756

In Memory of 
Hannah ye 
Daughter of Mr.
James Partridge
Kezia his wife [who]
Died Dec. 25 1756
[in the 4th year of her age]

Evergreen Cemetery, Medway, Massachusetts

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Deacon Joseph Holbrook, Bellingham, MA - 1785

In Memory of Deac. Joseph
Holbrook who died July the
14th 1785 in the 71st
year of his age.

Joyful he leaves his house of clay,
On cherubs wings is borne away
Surrounded by a glorious throng;
Each one prepares to join the song.
Pleasure like rivers springs anew,
Heaven wide opens to his view,
Hark how the victor sings above,
O wondrous free and boundless love,
Loud songs of praise to God alone,
Blessings to Christ upon the throne
Replete with joy is every face,
On Jesus head the crown they place
Or flower bands of Edens plain
Kings, priests & heirs to God they reign.

North Bellingham Cemetery, Bellingham, Massachusetts

Carver: Joseph Barber, Jr.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Polly Coombes, Bellingham, MA - 1795

In Memory of,
Miss Polly Coombes
of Bellingham, who
expired on ye 16th of
November 1795 in the 25th
year of her age.

Reader attend this state
will soon be thine,
Be thou in youthful health,
or in decline;
prepare to meet thy God,
make no delay
and humbly wait the
great decisive day.

North Bellingham Cemetery, Bellingham, Massachusetts

Carver: Joseph Barber

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Experience Jones, Medway, MA - 1786

Here lies interd the body of
Experience Jones, who departed
this life, Janr. 24th 1786. being
in the 66th year of her age.

Also, this pillar is in
remembrance of Lieut. Theophilus
Clark, first husband of ye above
sd. Experience

And also, of Jotham Clark, son of 
sd. Theophilus & Experience.
 The father & the son, having 
been engaged in the defence of 
their Country, on the way from
camp to their friends, they died.

The father being in his 44th 
year died the 24th of Nov. 1760.
the son survived his father but 
12 days, & expired Decr. the 6th
in the 17th year of his

Evergreen Cemetery, Medway, Massachusetts

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Penelope Paul, Newport, RI - 1752

Here lieth Interred
ye Body of Penelope
ye wife of William Paul
died Augst. ye 31st 1752
In ye 52d year of her

Gov. Benedict Arnold Graveyard, Newport, Rhode Island