Sunday, August 21, 2011

Rev. Edmund March, Newbury, MA - 1791

Here are the Remains of 
who died March 6th 1791

He was ordained Pastor of the first Church in
Amesbury, & continued in the ministry there 
untill infirmities of Body & mind rendeder'd him
incapable of publick usefulness.

He was a rational Divine, a faithful
Minister & an exemplary Christian
under the severest trials in Life
and at the approach of Death
in imitation of his Savior, he said
the will of the Lord be done.

First Parish Cemetery, Newbury, Massachusetts

Carver: Paul Noyes

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  1. I went back and checked my photos and there are a number of stones in this particular cemetery by this carver. I am more familiar with John Hartshorn and the Mullicken carvers of the Newbury area but their work was earlier. I would identify this carver as Paul Noyes based on a very similar, identified gravestone for Mrs. Hannah Stacey in Gloucester which is found in the Farber Gravestone Collection. That stone is amazingly similar to this one.