Friday, November 12, 2010

Mary Foster, Peabody, MA - 1778

Here lies ye Body of
Wife of Capt.
who departed this life
March 25th, 1778
Aged 33 Years.

Old South Cemetery, Peabody, Massachusetts

Number Conundrum! Help me out with the numbers.  The date looks like it says March 23, 1778.  Yet you can clearly see the "th" after the number.  So is that second number a 5?  If that is the case then look at the number in the age (below).  The numbers seem to be the  same engraved number as in the date.  But maybe I'm wrong.  Perhaps they are slightly different.  Are the number is the age 3s or 5s?  Was Mary 33 or 55?  Thanks for your help!

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