Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Leonard Fairbanks and his four wives

Leonard Fairbanks and his four wives
The two wives with the joint stone were sisters.

This is not an old stone but I always get a kick when I see Leonard and his four wives side by side.  I like to think that means he was endeared toward them all.  The last one finally outlived him.

Leonard Fairbanks, died May 21, 1874, aged 84 years
His death record says he was born in Lunenburg, MA to 
Jotham & Beulah Fairbanks who were both born in Medway, MA.
Interestingly, the stone says he died May 21 while his death record 
says he died May 27, 1874.

Wife #1: Kezia (Harding) Fairbanks, died April 25, 1823, age 32
She was born in 1790 in Medway, MA to Thomas and Keziah Harding
Leonard and Kezia's marriage intention is dated July 1, 1813.
They were married for almost 10 years.

 Wife #2: Abigail (Harding) Fairbanks, died April 17, 1824, age 38
She was born in Medway, MA in 1785 to Thomas and Keziah Harding
Leonard and Abigail's marriage intention is dated Nov. 1, 1823
They were married less than 6 months.

Wife #3: Olive (Abbe) Fairbanks, died March 28, 1845, age 55
She was born in in 1790 in Medway to Joseph and Hannah Abbe
Leonard and Olive's marriage intention is dated April 7, 1825
They were married almost 20 years

Wife #4: Lydia (Stowe) Fairbanks, died March 17, 1876, age 80.
She was born in Petersham, MA c. 1787 to Abner & Eunice Stowe
Leonard and Lydia married January 19, 1847
They were married 27 years.

Prospect Hill Cemetery, Millis, Massachusetts


  1. Amazing find. Wouldn't it be neat to have this line to research.

  2. I always wondered about that double stone. It makes so much more sense now that I know they were sisters.

  3. The double stone is very emotional...

  4. I didn't include it in the post but the 2nd wife, married less than 6 months, actually had a child before she died. The child was named Keziah Abigail Fairbanks after her sister and herself. Abigail died 3 weeks after her daughter was born.

  5. That is sooo cool! In my own research I have seldom see a man, or woman, buried with more than one spouse. Marrying sisters was not uncommon, but that tombstone is a treasure! Great find, Marian. - Kate

  6. Makes you wonder why the sisters each married him. Children from first sister perhaps?

  7. I think there is something very sweet about this.

  8. These are my ancestors, I'm so glad you posted it! Keziah Harding is my ggggg-grandmother.