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Job Harding, Millis, MA - 1754

Fig. 1 - (c) 2010 Marian Pierre-Louis. All Rights Reserved

In Memory of
Mr. Job Harding
who Died Jan. 25
1754 aged 34
years, & 3 months.
This is Erected by his
Son Stephen Harding

Fig. 2 - (c) 2010 Marian Pierre-Louis. All Rights Reserved

Prospect Hill Cemetery, Millis, Massachusetts

This gravestone was carved by Medway carver Joseph Barber, Jr. According to Michael Cornish in the article "Joseph Barbur, Jr., The Frond Carver of West Medway", Barber started carving around 1774 and ended at his death in 1812.  

While Job Harding, above, died in 1754, Cornish indicates that the stone was erected in 1799.  As indicated on the gravestone, it was erected by Job's son, Stephen Harding. Since Stephen was born March 22, 1750/51, it makes sense that the gravestone was erected much later.  He would have been barely 4 years old when his father died in 1754.  Yet he would have been 49 and able to afford the cost of a gravestone in 1799.

One other point to note on this stone is the error with the word 'who' engraved behind the year 1754.  It's curious that Barber carved straight over it rather than trying to mask the error.

Job Harding was the nephew of Deacon Thomas Harding who died nine months later in the same year as his nephew.

Citation: Cornish, Michael. "Joseph Barbur, Jr., The Frond Carver of West Medway." Markers II (1983): 133-147.

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