Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Scipio Brown, Mendon, MA - 1811

Fig. 1 - (c) 2010 Marian Pierre-Louis. All Rights Reserved

son of
Sally Brown who
died May 27,
1811 aged
9 months

Old Cemetery, Mendon, Massachusetts

This seems to me like an African American grave.  Scipio was a name more commonly reserved for African Americans.  It is also very telling that only his mother's name is included on the stone. Also, the stone is located at the furthest eastern end of the cemetery away from the main section of graves.

In the US Federal Census of 1810 there were 144 persons in the category "All other persons, except Indians, not taxed.  This is not completely accurate as there were persons listed in this column that were of known Native American families such as the Lesures.  The census also indicated that there were 11 slaves which is very surprising since most slaves in Massachusetts were emancipated in 1783. Mendon was populated by people of color by both Nipmucs and African Americans as well a a mixture of the two.

There were four Brown families listed in the 1810 census - Elizabeth Brown, Alvin Brown, Peter Brown and William Brown - non of which had people of color in their household.

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