Saturday, October 9, 2010

Rachel Dauchy, Ridgefield, CT - 1748

Fig. 1 - (c) 2010 Marian Pierre-Louis. All Rights Reserved

 Here lyes ye Body
of Mrs. RACHEL
DAUCHY, wife to
Who departed this 
life November 20th 1748 in ye
38th Year of Her Age.

Fig. 2 - (c) 2010 Marian Pierre-Louis. All Rights Reserved

 Mapleshade Cemetery, Ridgefield, Connecticut

Vivus Dauchy, who was originally from France, arrived in New York about 1725.  He settled in Ridgefield and married Rachel Wallace.  He lived in what is now referred to as the David Scott house in Ridgefield.  Rachel gave birth to seven children before here death.  You can read more about Vivus & Rachel Dauchy and the David Scott House on the Ridgefield Historical Society website.

Source: Ridgefield Historical Society website

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