Thursday, October 14, 2010

Alpha Brick, Sherborn, MA - 1795

Fig. 1 - (c) 2010 Marian Pierre-Louis. All Rights Reserved

In memory of 
Alpha Brick
Son of Elijah Brick Junior
& Mary his wife: died
March 10th 1795
aged 3 days

Central Cemetery, Sherborn, Massachusetts


  1. In the published Sherborn vital records, the family name is spelled "Breck," and the child died after 13 days. I looked that up thinking that maybe this short-lived infant was the couple's first and they expected to have more.

    Elijah Breck Jr and Mary Pratt married in 1792. I see no other children listed, before or after. And a likely explanation for that appears in Cutter's Historic Homes...: Elijah Breck Jr of Sherborn "born July 20, 1753, [was] killed by a plow February 11, 1795." The Sherborn records put his death at 26 June, which fits better with plowing season. I don't see notice of Mary Breck remarrying.

    In 1796, another Sherborn couple had a child they named Alpha Morse, who lived to 1883.

  2. Thanks for the correction on the 13 days vs. 3 days. I could see the 3 but didn't make out the one. Alpha is a fairly unusual name. I found an Alpha Ware in the 1800 census in Sherborn.

    In the Mass. Vital records up to 1850 I found about 10 first named Alphas scattered across Middlesex County with two of them in Holliston. Searching the Norfolk County vitals to 1850 I found quite a few Alphas with a larger concentration in Bellingham. One of them was even a girl.

  3. I couldn’t tell if the stone said 3 or 13, but there are so many differences between stone and paper records (or between one set of paper records and another) that ten days seems minor.