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Rebeckah Metcalf, Franklin, MA - 1798

Fig. 1 - (c) 2010 Marian Pierre-Louis. All Rights Reserved

In memory of
[broken off] Rebeckah, wife of
[broken off]bas Metcalf;
[broken off] (suddenly)
[broken off] 1798
[broken off] days.

A transcription of her gravestone appears in The Dedham Historical Register Volume IV, 1893, "The Metcalf Family: Barnabas Metcalf and his descendants" by Frank J. Metcalf.

In memory of
Mrs. Rebeckah, wife of 
Barnabas Metcalf, 
who died (suddenly)
January ye 27th 1798
aged 77 yrs & 2 days.
Let all take warning whilst tha've breath
Then to prepare for sudden death.

Fig. 2 - (c) 2010 Marian Pierre-Louis. All Rights Reserved

Union Street Burying Ground, Franklin, Massachusetts

Franklin vital records (p. 146) show "Rebecha" Metcalf, married, as having died January 27, 1798.  This is a typed transcription and not an image of the original record.  It indicates that she was the wife of Barnabas.  The nearby gravestone of Barnabas Metcalf shows that he died November 2, 1799. According to Wrentham town marriage records, Barnabas and "Rebekah" Healy were married on March 5, 1744.  Wrentham birth records show that Barnabas was born in Wrentham on July 11, 1720 which made him 79 at his death.  Barnabas and Rebecca had seven children between 1746 and 1765.

This winged face carving is very typical of the Fisher/Farrington shop whose stones are prevalent in the region and particularly prevalent in this cemetery.

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