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Margery (Rockwood) Gay, Franklin, MA - 1758

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In memory of
mrs. Margery
Gay wife of mr.
Edward Gay
Died January ye 5th
1758 in ye
25th year of
her age.

City Mills Cemetery, Franklin, Massachusetts

Margery (Margaret Rockwood) Gay was the wife of Edward Gay and the mother of Hannah Gay (who married Ishmael Coffee). Hannah was the oldest child of Margery and Edward born 8 February 1752.  She was followed by Thomas born 7 October 1753, Rachel born 24 August 1755 and lastly, Margery born 11 December 1757.

Margery died less than a month after the birth of Margery.  I can't help but wonder that the combination of the birth and the winter weather contributed to her death.  She left behind a husband, age 32, and four children ages 6, 5, 3 and less than a month.  Her husband Edward wouldn't remarry for another 21 months.  Margery was only 25 years old when she died.  Seven weeks later she would be followed in death by her father-in-law, also named, Edward Gay.

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