Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ithamar Pond, Franklin, MA - 1754

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Union Street Burying Ground, Franklin, Massachusetts

I'm not sure if this was intended as a foot stone or as the main stone for a child.  There was no other gravestone in the area for Ithamar Pond. 

According to "A Genealogical Record of Daniel Pond, and His Descendents" by Edward Doubleday Harris, Ithamar was the child of Benjamin and Mary Pond of Wrentham. Ithamar was born February 24, 1753 and died October 24, 1754.  Ithamar was one of eight children born to Benjamin and Mary.

Can anyone tell me if Ithamar is a boy's name or a girl's name? 

** Please note that I have not independently verified the information in this book.

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  1. Ithamar is a male name (Hebrew, Biblical). I have a few in my family tree as well. Beautiful stone!