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Colonel John Whiting, West Hartford, CT - 1767

Fig. 1 - (c) 2010 Marian Pierre-Louis. All Rights Reserved

In Memory
of Colonel John
Whiting Who
Departed this
Life February ye 12th
1767 in ye 75
Year of his Age

Fig. 2 - (c) 2010 Marian Pierre-Louis. All Rights Reserved

Old Center Cemetery, West Hartford, Connecticut

According to"New England families, genealogical and memorial" by William Richard Cutter, Colonel John Whiting was born in Hartford in 1693.   Like his father, Joseph Whiting, he was treasurer of the colony of Connecticut. He was a prominent man in the community and a merchant by profession.  He also served in the French and Indian Wars.  His wife, Jerusha Lord was the great grand daughter of Hartford settler, Thomas Lord.  

According to the book he died February 12th, 1766.  As you'll note above, the gravestone is dated 1767. Which one is correct?  We would need to look at other sources to verify that information.

** Please note that I have not independently verified the information in the William Richard Cutter book.

The carver of this stone is the Hook-and-Eye Man as first identified by Harriette Merrifield Forbes in her seminal work "Gravestones of Early New England." Ernest Caulfield later further identified the Hook-and-Eye Man as carver Gershom Bartlett of Bolton, CT.

For an in-depth treatment of the Gershom Bartlett see:
Caulfield, Ernest. "Wanted: The Hook-and-Eye Man." Markers 1 (1979/80): 12-49.


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