Thursday, July 15, 2010

Kezia Ames, West Bridgewater, MA - 1768

Here lies
Mrs. Kezia, wife of
Capt. Jotham Ames,
Formerly widow of
Mr. David Howard
she died March 20, 1768
in her 36th Year

Old Graveyard, West Bridgewater, Massachusetts

What a genealogical treasure this stone is - not only do you know her married name but the name of her previous husband. If only they had thought to list her maiden name.

According to the MA Vital Records to 1850 on, Kezia Haward and Jotham Ames were married in Bridgewater, MA on 16 September 1767. They weren't married a few days more than six months when she died.

According to the same source, Kezia Ames and David Haward Jr. were married 5 February 1751. It kind of makes you wonder if Kezia and her second husband were distant relations. Is anyone an Ames descendant who has the answer?

Funny enough I'M an Ames descendant. According to my records I am probably related to Kezia Ames through her great, grandfather. I have never really looked at the Ames line. They stopped as a line for me in 1754 when Mary Ames married Zachariah Gurney in Brockton, Plymouth County, Massachusetts. Maybe when I chance to research more of my own family I will take a look at them.

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